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ANU® SW9 Genuine Leather London Saddle Ladies Handbag – Handmade in England (Mustard)

Product Features

  • Ladies handbags made from Genuine Leather. Handmade in London, England.
  • Our handy Saddle portable ladies handbags are a different style of bag we craft. Includes adjustable shoulder strap with nice silver buckles to enhance the image. Adjustable Shoulder Strap.
  • They are made by our craftsman in London and offer an alternative style bag to the popular satchel bag.
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap.
  • Designer and Stylish, high end design finish
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Product Description

Material: Genuine Leather
Manufacturing: Handmade in London, England.
Dimensions: 220 x 240 x 110mm weight 644g

Our leather saddle bags are a smaller alternative to the satchel and barrel bags. It’s a perfect size bag for going out with and will fit in all your everyday essentials. It is a more unique shaped bag but still comes in a range of colours.
Dimensions: 220 x 310 x 190mm weight 1166g



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