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SID & VAIN Real Buffalo Leather Billfold Wallet Jack NorthSouth Portemonnaie Pocket with Multiple Card-Slots Genuine Leather Women Men Brown

New handmade leather billfold wallet by SID & VAIN The wallet offers enough space for ID card, bills and change. Everything has its place and the days of searching are over. DETAILS Dimensions: 4.8 x 4 x 0.8 in (12 x 10 x 2 cm) High-Quality Brand Product Weight: 0.2 pounds Colour: brown-contrast Metal: free […]

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How To Wear A Hat

Many women shy away from wearing hats simply because they honestly believe that they would not be able to pull off wearing one. To some women, hats call too much attention to themselves. Some women, on the other hand, just do not know how to wear a hat. It is a shame, actually, because a […]

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Putting Together Your Cosplay Costume

A lot of people find cosplays fun. The word “cosplay” is a Japanese contraction for the term “costume play”, where participants don costumes and dress up to look like characters from anime, from video and roleplaying games, from fantasy and science fiction stories, and sometimes from live action programs. In Japan, some people who engage […]

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Seven Money Saving Tips for New Parents

  Perhaps the biggest problem with baby clothes is that they don’t last. Not because they wear out, but because your baby quickly out grows them. It’s important to plan your baby clothes shopping around the growth of your baby. If you don’t, you could be wasting money. Keep in mind these seven money saving […]

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lady shoes

10 Tips To Shopping For The Perfect Athletic Shoes

If you are active in exercising, hiking, sports or any other type of physical activity that requires you to be on your feet often, athletic shoes are a must. These shoes are designed for comfort and support, durability and promise to withstand plenty of use. With a few simple tips, you will be ready to […]

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plus size

Plus Size Clothing In Fashion

  The fashion industry all over world has realised that increasing numbers of customers fall under the category of plus size. By not dealing in plus size clothing earlier, a large portion of growth has been restricted in the ever-booming fashion industry. Fashion designers and executives have however, understood that they are actually making a […]

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air travel

What Clothes to Wear For Air Travel

When it comes to air travel and clothing, we are all different. There are some travellers who are dressed in business suits, others in traditional jeans, and others who wear something as comfortable as possible, such as their pyjamas or sweat pants. With the recent increase in airport security and the recent change in air […]

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Clothes Clothes Clothes Everywhere And Nothing To Wear

Is your closet brimming with clothes yet somehow, you still have nothing suitable for the occasion? Looks like it is time to reorganise your wardrobe. What you don’t see, you probably wouldn’t wear. The perfect outfit for the occasion is hiding somewhere in your closet. You just don’t see it. You have to clear the […]

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Too Many Clothes and Not Enough Bedroom

The commercial and residential buildings of today are more about more living area space and less bedroom space. Where an apartment complex has to compromise – the large bedroom and its accompanying clothing wardrobe space will be the first to go. Inadequate wardrobe space is a flash from the past, when storage was not built-into walls or placed on shelving but […]

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men suits

Buying Bespoke Mens Shirts – The Benefits

Bespoke shirt tailoring is undergoing a surge of popularity in the UK as more men realise there are options beyond designer labels. Bespoke tailoring gives the opportunity to specify every aspect of how a shirt is cut, and allows the wearer to experience the feel and look of a perfectly fitted shirt. The following is […]

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